About the Program

Who We Are

Our Residents are immersed into a team who is committed to being on top of a vastly changing field of pharmacy. 

Holyoke Health Center’s Pharmacy Residency Program is a ASHP Accredited PGY1 Community Residency Program. We are located within a federally qualified community health center (FQHC) with an on-site open door community pharmacy. Integrated directly with the primary care team, our program focuses on ambulatory care and management of chronic disease states for patients that receive their care at our outpatient facility.

Holyoke Health Center is in a HRSA designated HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area) location. Holyoke has a large Puerto Rican population and most patients are best served in Spanish. With 26% of the cities population considered to be in poverty; a majority of the patients are on state Medicaid. 

ASHP Purpose

PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training.

Our Expert Team

Each preceptor has  years of experience and specialized training. Every year, the Residency Program Director conducts a Preceptor Development Plan to ensure that all preceptors are equipped to meet the demands and needs that come from training our pharmacy residents

Meet the Preceptors

Lori Lewicki, RPh

Chief Pharmacy Officer & Residency Program Director
Retail Operations/ Management Preceptor

Alicia Poole, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist
Retail Pharmacy Preceptor

Marisa Piers-Gamble, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES, RPh

Clinical Program Coordinator
MTM Preceptor 

Alyssa Puia, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist
Immunizations & MTM Preceptor

Jerril Varghese, PharmD, RPh

Informatics Pharmacist
Informatics & Retail Operations/ Management Preceptor

Aimee Dawson, PharmD, RPh

Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Vice Chair of Department of Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy Practice
Academia Preceptor

Melvin Morales Jr, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist
Hepatitis C Clinic Preceptor

Alma Garcia, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist
Transitions-of-Care Preceptor

Meet the Residents

Delaney Cardaropoli, PharmD, RPh

Contact Info:


Fun Facts:

Originally from Suffield CT
Graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a minor in Spanish. Enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling andwatching football

Shayne Sampognaro, PharmD, RPh

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Fun Facts:

Originally from Glastonbury CT, graduated from UConn’s School of Pharmacy. Graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2019 with a BS in biology. Enjoys basketball, video games and dogs.